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No matter where you are in your technology lifecycle, Signal Hill can deliver comprehensive data center solutions that accelerate IT transformation. Signal Hill is a trusted steward of the digital ecosystems of companies in industries ranging from network operators, to financial services, to healthcare to government and more.


Signal Hill offers a best-in-class data center environment that gives you the privacy and control of your own data center without the capital investment.


Signal Hill’s data center is secure by design, employing industry-leading security protocols that protect your physical assets.


Signal Hill serves customers in a wide range of industries offering customized, scalable data center solutions to meet the current and future IT needs of companies.

About Signal Hill Data Center

Signal Hill is one of Central Florida’s largest data centers, offering a single, secure environment for your organization’s critical data center, cloud, connectivity, and network elements. The company’s data center is engineered to deliver the infrastructure required for high availability and power redundancy.

Companies rely on Signal Hill’s unparalleled security, reliability, flexibility and scalability to support their high-performance networks. Signal Hill can help power your company through the digital era, handling all of your mission-critical data center infrastructure needs.

Located adjacent to Century Link’s Lake Destiny Carrier Hotel in Orlando, Florida, Signal Hill’s data center is ideally positioned to serve enterprises throughout Florida. Our 116,742 square foot, 10-acre, multi-tenant wholesale data center is a strategic location for network servicing and distribution that reduces latency and storm risk.

Signal Hill’s comprehensive, high performance data center environment will help you build your digital infrastructure to scale and provide flexible, secure data center solutions to successfully power your digital present and future.


Data Center

Signal Hill’s data center provides a home for your mission-critical computing infrastructure. Our data center solutions are designed to meet your unique business requirements and are built to future-proof your IT strategy. Our industry-specific experience can help you rapidly deploy and customize an innovative data center ecosystem that works for your IT environment. Companies across a wide range of industries rely on data center solutions from Signal Hill to deliver superior security, connectivity, flexibility, and scale.

Signal Hill offers a best-in-class data center environment that gives you the privacy and control of your own data center without the capital investment.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Signal Hill’s data center can help protect your business during adverse events. Our facility can provide your company with the reliability, operational redundancy and resiliency needed to keep your business running after a crisis, reducing the risk of data loss and reputational harm, while improving operations. The Signal Hill data center reduces latency and storm risk and can give you peace of mind that your business will remain operational all the way through unexpected events.

Data Center Features


Signal Hill’s data center is ideally located to best serve Florida businesses and organizations:

  • Centralized, inland location
  • Elevated 100 feet above sea-level
  • Unsurpassed airport access
  • FL is a zero income tax state


Signal Hill is one of Florida’s largest data centers, featuring:

  • 10-acre site with 365 parking spaces
  • 116,700 SF, one-story, high-bay building
    • 106,700 SF Wholesale Data Center building
    • 10,000 SF renovated, secured entrance with private offices, conference rooms, open
      work space and complimentary Wi-Fi/ethernet service
    • Hardened power and fiber distribution throughout building
    • Loading docks with tenant storage

Reliable Power Service

Signal Hill’s Data Center delivers a reliable supply of power for uninterrupted operation and maximum system availability:

  • Duke service territory
  • Reliable, intermediate voltage service: 12,470 V x 600 Amp (13 MVA)
  • Separate tenant breakers with customized service to meet tenant needs
  • Emergency backup generators to meet tenant requirements

Cooling and HVAC

Signal Hill’s innovative approach to HVAC design provides optimal and reliable HVAC options to protect your systems:

  • Designed for your needs and built-to-suit



Signal Hill’s data center is secure by design, employing industry-leading security protocols that protect your physical assets including:

  • Perimeter steel fence with automated gates
  • Entrance Man-Trap
  • Separate, secure, dual fiber entrances
  • Additional tenant security

Carrier-Neutral Fiber Connectivity

Signal Hill’s carrier neutral environment provides outstanding interconnection with high speed connections that can provide cost-efficiency and value to your enterprise:

  • Hardened separate fiber entrances
  • Access to more than 10 carriers in or adjacent to the Signal Hill
  • Data Center including:
    • Century Link
    • AT&T
    • Verizon
    • Brighthouse
    • Crown Castle
    • Zayo
    • Summit Broadband
    • Uniti
    • Windstream
    • Cogent


Signal Hill offers amenities designed to meet your work needs and help make you comfortable and more productive as you work in our facility. Our data center offers:

  • Private offices or disaster recovery space
  • Conference rooms Open, casual work space
  • Complimentary internet with Wi-Fi
  • Renovated bathrooms with showers
  • Large loading dock
  • Storage space


Signal Hill’s data center serves customers in a wide range of industries. From network operators, to financial services, to healthcare to digital media and more, Signal Hill offers customized, scalable data center solutions to meet the current and future IT needs of your company.


Network operators outsource data centers to help manage their businesses. These companies need data center solutions that will help them deliver on their primary service priorities including content delivery, mobile services and cloud services.

Signal Hill can deliver the scalable, secure, flexible data center infrastructure for the redundant, fast, and reliable connectivity your network company needs. We can help you upgrade your data center infrastructure to expand your company’s network presence and grow revenue.

Financial Services

The financial services sector is undergoing a digital transformation, looking for new ways to process and store increasing amounts of data. Increasingly constrained by legacy in-house data centers and connectivity solutions, financial institutions are turning to data centers to help store data more securely and move data faster.

Signal Hill offers a flexible, scalable mission-critical data center environment that can help your financial services or banking organization effectively lower the total cost of operations, increase organizational flexibility, improve reliability, and scale quickly.


As client communications become increasingly digitized and securely archiving materials becomes more of a priority, law firms are looking to data centers to help usher them into the digital age and meet needs for increased security, mobility, access, and functionality.

Signal Hill offers data center solutions designed to help your firm increase efficiencies, improve security, experience better business resiliency and reduce costs.

Digital Media

Digital media companies are experiencing rapid change in user demographics and an exponential increase of digital data. Increased consumer demand for reliable, on-demand access to bandwidth-heavy digital content such as video, apps and online games is driving these companies to seek secure, scalable data center solutions.

Your digital media company can efficiently and effectively scale data infrastructure for faster connectivity and delivery of digital content to customers and partners through Signal Hill’s data center solutions.


Federal, state and local government agencies are increasingly being met with the challenge of revamping their data center architectures to control costs, comply with government mandates and upgrade infrastructure to better meet mission-critical objectives. Government agencies are turning to data centers to meet these evolving data center needs and strict requirements for security, performance, reliability and uptime. Signal Hill’s data center environment can provide government agencies with the high-performance infrastructure that will support and scale critical IT infrastructure and ensure the security of data and applications.

Payment Processing Services

The increasing usage of mobile devices is driving development in the payments processing industry with more ways than ever before to make payments and handle purchases electronically. These advances in the payment processing space have created a need for speed and convenience that require businesses to update their payment networks to efficiently reach end users.

Signal Hill’s state-of-the-art data center facility and infrastructure can help your payments processing company upgrade platform capabilities and meet future scalability and security needs.


The adoption of new technologies across the healthcare industry coupled with expanding volumes of digital data are driving healthcare organizations to seek new solutions for IT infrastructure. Many leading healthcare companies are moving to outsource their data centers to take advantage of these new technologies and deal with an increasingly complex IT environment.

Signal Hill’s data center solutions provide a comprehensive platform to help your healthcare enterprise advance infrastructure innovation and lower the total cost of operations, while increasing IT agility and reliability.


Data, and lots of it, is critical for retailers to stay close to mobile customers and optimize their e-commerce strategies. These retailers are upgrading their IT infrastructures to manage the sheer volume of data and provide a more customer-centric, personalized shopping experiences for consumers.

Signal Hill can provide your retail enterprise with secure, compliant, and connected data center solutions that meet demands for data availability, offer unmatched reliability and flexibility and scale as your needs change.


Energy companies are transforming into digital businesses in order to successfully compete amid new production methods, fluctuating energy prices, increasing safety regulations and heightened market pressure from renewable energy alternatives. These companies are turning to trusted data center partners to support this digital transformation.

Signal Hill can work with your energy company to support all of your high-performance computing and back-up needs as well as help you plan for future growth and disaster recovery initiatives.

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